Editor Enhancements Plugin


The Editor Enhancements plugin provides some useful enhancements to the Eclipse Editor. The most useful enhancements are the Emacs style context-insensitive completion and the rectangular edit option. More features are described in the Documentation section.

The Editor Enhancements plugin was developed by Genady Beryozkin and Stefan Heiman


Version 2.1
Read the release notes / the change log.
Download the plugin from the sourceforge servers: Click to download

Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to install the Editor Enhancements plugin:

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Find the plugins folder of your eclipse (or WSAD) installation
  3. Extract the contents of the ZIP file into the plugins folder (now there should be a new directory called net.sf.lunar_eclipse.editing_2.1.0).
  4. Restart Eclipse/WSAD if it was running
  5. You may need to reset the perspective (Window->Reset Perspective) to activate the plugin. Alternatively you can customize the perspective (Window->Customize Perspective) to enable the plugin (the plugin is placed in the section called Other).


This is a short info on how to use the plugins. You can ask more questions in the forum. Make sure to read the README file that comes with the zipfile you download.

Frequently Asked Questions

There aren't any yet.

Reporting Bugs

Report the bugs here

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