Developers' contributions

This page lists the modifications which were not yet incorporated into the lunar eclipse plugin.


by Jamie McCrindle

I modified it to
behave like a netbeans search. 

major differences from emacs completion are:

1. matches are done on the closest word backwards e.g. for

import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.HashMap;

public class Blah {
	HashMap map = new H<cursor position>

the first suggestion would be HashMap and not HashSet (and conveniently it's
the most appropriate match in this example... ;)

2. previous matches are ignored

it's currently mapped to Alt-#, where netbeans users expect it to be mapped
to Ctrl+K (which is currently mapped to Find Next *sigh*). 

Stefan Heimann's contribution


I also wrote some enhancements for the eclipse text-editor:

* rectangular edit (line in emacs)
* goto first visible character of the current line (like in JEdit)
* some other things (in the readme file)